> Adding a Splash of Colour


Adding a Splash of Colour

So recently we asked our customers and followers  if you would prefer different colour bristles on your toothbrushes in your family pack and the general outcome was a Yes.

Whilst we think it can be fun to let your little ones decorate their own toothbrush so you can determine who's is who - i mean what  other toothbrushes can little people release their inner artist apart from a bamboo toothbrush right, we totally understand that being able to just glance at a different colour toothbrush can make life a lot easier, especially when if your anything like us here at Green Monkey and trying to rush to get out of the house in the morning.

So within the next month we will be changing our family packs to include 2 kids toothbrushes with different colour bristles, the one being Green to match our Green Monkey of course and the second will be purple, well because that was what our little lady told us was her favourite colour and that she would love to brush her teeth with a purple toothbrush. (They can still decorate the handle too) brushing teeth should be fun and anything that encourages our little ones to brush their teeth then were all for it. Plus your little ones are also having a huge impact on the environment by brushing with a bamboo toothbrush and they can even get out in the garden afterwards and bury it the compost and we know how much little people love to get messy. We think the Green Monkey kids toothbrushes win everytime.


Watch this space for different colour bristles to be included in our adult range too.