> Exciting News!!


Exciting News!!

So we love working with like minded people and we are happy to announce that this great little online store based in Denmark will be stocking our Green Monkey adult and kids toothbrushes.
Here is a little info about this great family run company who have a real passion for looking after our environment, well worth a look at their lovely natural and eco friendly products. 


 Lundgaardens skincare - Sejerø. is a small family-run micro company located on Sejerø island in Denmark

 Helle & Arne Nørrevang, the people behind Lundegaardens skincare - Sejerø.

 We live in the farm Lundegaarden, where we as 4th generation reside, with the beautiful nature of the island right outside the window.

We have four lovely children two girls & two boys of 0, 4, 9 and 12 years respectively.

Our oldest daughter, Iben, is also good at helping in the workshop and loves to be a test person for new products.

 Helle is the creative part of the team when designing and manufacturing products, as well as finding new exciting items for the webshop.

Arne is the administrative who is good at keeping track of the paperwork :)

At Lundegaarden we produce beauty products & children's products, focusing on quality, ecology, natural active ingredients, and not least good craftsmanship.

Our products are manufactured from carefully selected raw materials, to ensure the best possible quality for our customers.

When you buy one of our products, you buy a unique craft made with love, nature & green energy from our wind turbines and solar panels.

 We do not compromise - we promise we have done our best!

Our products are packaged as much as possible in recyclable materials, such as. cardboard and glass as we would like to do our bit to reduce the size of the environmental impact packaging is having on our nature.

And as something new, you can now completely choose the packaging from our Sejerø soap (solid), shampoo and conditioner bar.

In addition, we support Environmentally Friendly Packaging, which means we recycle as much packaging as possible.

In addition, we use biodegradable bubble "plastic" for wrapping fragile shipments.

Also note that based on our environmentally friendly views, we do not attach return slips and order forms to your shipment. This is to save unnecessary use of paper. Instead, we send them to your email.

 In addition to our own products, we have sales of lifestyle accessories, focusing on ecology, environmental and sustainability.

We carefully select the products where the small local producers and unique craftsmen are at the center.

To look at all this lovely stuff on offer, head over to