> Green Monkey Bio-degradable Cotton Buds


Green Monkey Bio-degradable Cotton Buds

There are plans to ban the use of cotton buds in the UK - as early as next year. Cotton buds are often flushed down the toilet and they are a serious source of pollution as they are small enough to get through any sewage filters and make up at least 60% of sewage and beach related litter, that's a very high percentage. They are also small enough to be eaten by birds and marine life, so it is vitally important that we keep them out of our oceans.

In the UK alone every year we use more cotton buds than any other European nation, estimated by WWF as an eye watering 13.2 billion items a year!! The main reason for the high use of cotton buds is believed to be due to the amount they are used to apply and remove make up. This really is a big reason as to why we need to try and reduce, re-use and recycle where ever possible.

Here at Green Monkey we want to make as many bio-degradable products available as possible, so that people can ditch the plastic easily, so we now have available to buy in packs of 100 bio-degradable cotton buds. The stick of the cotton bud is made of bamboo, making them so much more environmentally friendly.Its the little switches that we can all make that can have the biggest impact on the future of our oceans and marine life.