> Here's some tips on how to live a more plastic free life


Here's some tips on how to live a more plastic free life

When you think that every piece of plastic that has ever been created is still here causing untold harm to out planet, oceans and us its time to ask the question: Do you think it’s possible to live a life without plastic? Or at least live with less of it? Well this little e-book is here to give you some ideas on how to live a more plastic free life. There are so many ways and little changes that we can make to achieve this, from changing what we use to brush our teeth, wrapping our food in or even carrying our shopping home in. There are so many everyday tasks that can have such a huge impact on the environment and here’s some ideas on how to change that and ditch the plastic.


But first let’s start with some facts so we understand the real importance as to why it is we need to do this. Did you know that there are believed to be 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of the ocean, shocking isn’t it! & that 50% of the plastic we use is single use or disposable! If our current pollution levels continue, it is thought that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our ocean than fish. And unlike bamboo or bio-degradable alternatives, plastic never really decomposes it just gets smaller, for example a plastic bottle can break up into over 10,000 pieces of microplastic.  So we really need to start making changes today. Below shows you some of the main sources of how our oceans are polluted.



So what’s the big 4 plastics to say no to when out and about?


Bottles Plastic bottles as mentioned previously never actually really every decompose, so change your plastic bottle for a re-usable stainless steel bottle that you can use everyday, fill it up with tap water before you leave the house and then re-fill when your out and about. We have local café and coffee shops that really support the ditching the plastic and are willing to fill up your bottles with tap water to reduce plastic use.


Bags  Ditch the plastic bags and carry whatever works best for you, use a cotton tote a backpack or something else that can be used and used again. Always leave your re-usable shopping bags in the boot of your car, that way you’re never at risk of forgetting them when you’re out shopping and remember re-usable bags aren’t just for food shopping, use them when shopping for clothes etc.


Straws  We use 8.5 billion plastic straws in the UK every year! That works out at about 130 straws for every person in the UK every year. Refuse the straw and ditch the plastic. Only use a straw if you must and if you do make sure its either paper, metal or bamboo, there are so many alternatives out there now to the plastic straw. If you invest in a bamboo or metal straw you can put them in your bag and take them out with you time and time again.


Cups  Don’t use paper cups and if you’re going to buy your daily tea or coffee take a re-usable cup with you that you can use time and time again. Stainless steel travel mug are a great alternative and you can even get bamboo travel mugs now too.



How can you make changes at home?

From how you wash up, clean your house and store your food, there are many changes you can make in your house to try and be more plastic free. As we know most of our cleaning products come in plastic bottles or wrapping. A really good idea is to buy your food in bulk as this will reduce the amount of packaging than if you were to buy smaller amounts of food more frequently. Cereals and pasta can be stored in tubs or containers, plus buying in bulk will also save you money in the long run.

Find toiletries that aren’t packaged. Certain retailers specialise in in toiletries with no packaging, such as shampoo and soap bars and the great thing about them is once you’ve finished with them there’s np packaging to throw away as there wasn’t any in the first place.

There are so many more plastic free shops popping up everywhere now where you can stock up on your plastic free items, they even have refillable food stations like cupboard supplies without the need for food to be wrapped in plastic.

There are also changes you can make at home when it comes to your food and how to wrap and store it! Sometimes it can be hard to know the best ways and alternatives to use instead of plastic and this fab picture below is bursting with ideas on how you can store your food without the plastic, no more wrapping things in cling film or plastic bags, every idea on here involves not one bit of plastic, what’s not to love! & remember you can get your Beeswax food wraps from Green Monkey too.

Re-using, Reducing & Re-cycling Items


  1. Think about how to make changes when disposing of your rubbish at home. There are bin bags available to buy that are 100% biodegradable and compostable


  1. When its time to have a clear out of your wardrobe, instead of putting them in the bin, make sure you always recycle or donate your clothes, this will help to keep them out of landfill


  1. Use selling website like amazon, ebay, facebook market place to buy and sell used items


  1. Switch from using kitchen roll to a 100% organic cotton tea towel. This is so much better than using kitchen roll, because instead of just being thrown in the bin after use and constantly having to be re-bought, this can just be thrown in with the washing and used time and time again



  1. Try and recycle everything where possible. Most things can be recycled if you look into it before binning it. Take you batteries to your local supermarket where they usually collect used batteries to be recycled


  1. Re-use dryer sheets. Not only do these remove static from your clothes but a damp dryer cloth can also remove soap build up and mineral deposits in your bath and shower



  1. Re-use items that are in your kitchen. For example instead of buying new re-use all paper bags, rubber bands, boxes and packing materials. Also switch plastic containers to glass or ceramic


  1. Instead of buying paper tickets, buy digital to reduce on the use of paper. Many things offer apps now, for example when you book your train tickets all your tickets are stored on the app, no need for printing



  1. Buy recycled paper. This is suitable for all everyday use and printing and now days you can hardly tell that the paper has been recycled


We  have lots of plastic alternatives at Green Monkey too if you visit our website at www.greenmonkeybamboo.com our products are all plastic free, bio-degradable and totally friendly to the planet.


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