> How to look after and upcycle your Green Monkey bamboo toothbrush


How to look after and upcycle your Green Monkey bamboo toothbrush

The Handle

So as the handle on this toothbrush is plastic free, to keep it looking lovely for longer, just make sure your dry it off quickly with a towel after each use and stand upright in your toothbrush holder or lay down head up on a dry surface. The wood is likely to darken after time but this is perfectly normal for a bamboo handled toothbrush, it just adds to its appeal of being a truly sustainable toothbrush.


The Bristles

I know you’re probably thinking when you see our bamboo toothbrushes ‘ what I have to actually pull the bristles out myself’ but I promise it’s not much as a faff and just think its one less plastic toothbrush clogging up our oceans. We’ve found that if you get a good grip on your pliers and pull them at a diagonal motion then this seems to get them out pretty quickly. You’ll feel good afterwards once  there all out and you’ve reduced your use of plastic by putting your toothbrush in the compost. It’s all worth it to be environmentally friendly :-)


More than just a toothbrush

There are some great things you can do with your bamboo toothbrush before you put it in the compost. Here are some of my favourite ideas…..

If you fully clean the bristles with boiling hot water you can use it as a little cleaning aid – I’ve used mine to clean the tiles in my bathroom – perfect

You can get your little ones to get creative - , My 3 year old daughter had a great time decorating her kids bamboo toothbrush – I’m not quite sure what the picture is but she seemed pretty proud of it :-)



Use it as a plant or herb stake, mine is currently sitting nicely in my coriander pot on my kitchen windowsill.

 Bamboo toothbrush plant stake

So much more than just a bio-degradable toothbrush hey!


To get yours visit www.greenmonkeybamboo.com