> Re-usable Food Wraps Coming Soon


Re-usable Food Wraps Coming Soon

So as you know here at Green Monkey, we are always on the look out for new products, that are sustainable, bio-degradable, friendly to the planet and most importantly plastic free!
So we are very excited to be working on something that is just that. Later in the year, beeswax food wraps will be available to buy on our website. If you've not seen them before they are the perfect alternative to any food wrap like cling film, or plastic bags etc, and you can use them to wrap your sandwiches, cover food like fruit, bread, the options are endless and because of the beeswax material the covers easily stick in place where you need them to be.
The Beeswax wraps are made with natural materials of jojoba oil and tree resin which are both natural ingredients which also posses preservative properties which help food last longer. They also decrease the overall amount of household waste as these lovely beeswax wraps take the place of plastic bags, containers and plastic wrap. Whats not to love about these wraps. 
This fab picture below also gives you some great ideas on how to store and wrap food without the plastic.