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Surf Force 2018

Here at Green Monkey we love working with like minded people so were thrilled when we were approached by Surforce who are going to use our bamboo toothbrushes to give to their attendees to show them the alternatives to using a plastic toothbrush.

Surforce is all about educating their attendees on how to be more sustainable and showing them ways of changing things they do to be more sustainable to our oceans eco system and to help and protect our environment. 

The event is limited to a small number, to make it more personal and to ensure that every attendee gets the most out of this event. They surf together and also carry out a great big beach clean, this way they can see the amount of waste on our beaches and they log the rubbish found for worldwide research. 

To get more information on this great event visit  https://www.surfforce.co

On their website they have also listed a couple of great companies for plastic alternatives https://www.surfforce.co/plastic-alternative

There are so many ways we can all try to live a more sustainable, plastic free life, it all about making those small changes.