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The Green Monkey Bamboo Straw

So i know iv'e covered a blog before on say no to the plastic straw and ways that we can avoid using plastic straws and use alternatives, well here at Green Monkey we  are now stocking Bamboo Straws.

 Bamboo Straw

I must admit, i was a bit dubious as to what it would be like to drink out of a bamboo straw at first, but it's just as good as any other straw, in fact its better as this straw is totally friendly to the planet, is biodegradable and contributes totally to a sustainable future.

I actually also prefer the bamboo straw, instead of a paper alternative as i find with the paper straws once they get too wet you cant actually drink out of them, whereas you obviously don't get that problem with these straws as they are made totally out of bamboo and whats better they are re-usable, so no single use, and no un-necessary waste and once you've finished with them they are 100% bio-degradable - what's not to like about these straws.

Each straw comes with its own cleaner so you can make sure you give it a good thorough clean!

 Bamboo straw cleaner

 Packs of 12 available for £9.99 on our website. They also come with a handy travel bag, fab for taking with you to picnics, camping, festivals, whatever takes our fancy :-) Make the switch now and say no to plastic straws.