> Ways to try and live a plastic free life


Ways to try and live a plastic free life

 We are now more and more aware if the dangers that plastic is having on our environment and if you’re like me and have little ones you want to make sure even more that the future world they grow up in is the best it can possibly be! Plastic can release harmful chemicals into surrounding soils, affecting eco systems, and when it gets into our oceans the poor animals are eating it and then the toxins are absorbed into their bodies.


Try and give up on plastic bottled water

Instead of using a plastic water bottle, why not us an alternative like a hydro flask, or a stainless steel bottle, and when you’ve run out of water one our local cafes Orangemabel (article below) has joined the war on plastic and will re-fill your water back up for you free, I think this is such a fantastic idea and hope more places will do this also.



Carry re-usable shopping bags

Make sure before you head out the door you take a bag that you can put any of your shopping etc. It may be a tote, a backpack, or there are many small foldaway bags you can now purchase that are great for throwing in your bag or pocket, I always have one in my bag so I don’t get caught out. Whichever it is, it’s better than getting a new plastic bag every time you buy something.


Don’t use a plastic straw

The project refuse the straw is amazing and will give you some great facts on why you should say no to the plastic straw. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Hey my cocktail still tastes as good with or without the plastic straw.

                                      refuse the straw

Buy your bread in a paper bag

Buy your bread or bread rolls from the bakery and avoid the plastic packaging by putting them in a paper bag instead. Plus fresh bread from the bakery in my opinion is so much tastier so for me this is a win win all round J


Switch from a plastic toothbrush to a bamboo toothbrush

Myself and my husband set up Green Monkey Bamboo toothbrushes a couple of years ago and they are a great alternative to plastic toothbrushes and the handle is 100% biodegradable. We even stock them for kids too so even your little ones can have a huge impact without even realising.

See the full range at www.greenmonkeybamboo.com

                          Bamboo toothbrush plastic free toothbrush


This is just a snapshot of the changes you can make to live a more plastic free, eco-friendly life, but there are many more ways to say no to plastic.