> Why we should reduce our plastic use and the plastic free alternative


Why we should reduce our plastic use and the plastic free alternative

Why we should reduce our plastic use and the plastic free alternatives

 As we know there is a bigger need to start reducing the amount of plastic and with rising awareness of plastic pollution more and more of us are considering our everyday choices. When it comes to changing the way we use plastic in our lives the biggest and worst of all is single use plastic, which many of us probably use every day as part of our daily routine without actually giving it much thought or realising the negative impacts on our environment. Single use plastic is defined as something that is made wholly or partly of plastic and is typically intended to be used just once or for a short period of time before being disposed of, thus having a huge, negative and devastating effect on our environment and the planet as a whole. It is estimated that there is 150 million tonnes of plastic thought to be in our world’s oceans. This has such a huge impact on our sea life and I’m sure you will have seen the many horrific images of birds or sea life being caught up in plastic and even eating it, which is thought to kill around 100,000 sea mammals and one million birds every year. It is thought that If our current use of plastic continues then there will be more plastic in our oceans by 2050 than fish. So, there has never been a more important time to act to make changes, cut our plastic use and to live a more sustainable life and try and find alternative products that are more eco-friendly for us and our environment.

Ways to tackle single use plastic

The Government is really trying to tackle the problem of our plastic use and to find ways in which we must reduce its use and have launched a campaign to ban plastic straws and cotton buds by October 2020. Numbers of usage for these two single use plastic are extremely high with an estimated and shocking number of 8.5 billion straws used in the UK every year, (which works out at about 130 straws for every person, every year) and that’s just the UK not taking into consideration the rest of the world where figures are thought to be as high as 500 million straws per day in the USA! And when it comes to cotton buds, there is an estimated 1.8 billion used every year with roughly 10% of these being flushed down toilets, which end up in waterways or our oceans having devastating effects. Both these items are used for minutes for just one time only and are then just binned taking hundreds of years to break down. When you put that into perspective its crazy how something you have used just once for maybe less than a minute is still here hundreds of years later damaging our sea life and planet. Here in the UK you have probably noticed that when you now go into a bar or restaurant you will either be given a paper straw or none, unless you ask for this, this is all part of the Governments plans to reduce the use of single use plastic. We saw positive and big changes with the introduction of charging 5p for a plastic carrier bag which had a huge impact on our environment and has taken out an astonishing 15 billion plastic bags out of circulation, so we know that when we act, positive changes can happen and  this really helped individuals to make a very simple change in the way in which they do their shopping and now I’m sure before we now all hit the shops we take our bags with us without even giving it a second thought, it’s just about changing our mindsets on how we do things.

Plastic Free Alternatives from Green Monkey

Here at Green Monkey we have created a range of products to ditch the plastic and that are more sustainable and friendly to our planet. The majority if our products are made from bamboo, which means they are biodegradable so after use they can be thrown into the compost and will decompose, unlike plastic which never really decomposes, but just gets smaller.

We started our company with our Bamboo toothbrushes. We thought this was an important product to introduce as this is something that people do every day, and its one simple change like switching your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo toothbrush that could have such a huge impact on our planet and its environment. It is estimated that 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are used worldwide every year, with the average person using around 300 in their lifetime. Once used these unfortunately just end up in either our oceans or landfill having all the negative effects which we touched on earlier.  In our range we have both Adult and children’s bamboo toothbrushes, which means the whole family can make the big change to have a positive impact on the environment and you can teach your children the importance of making changes and using more eco-friendly products. The handle on our bamboo toothbrushes is 100% biodegradable, so after use you can just snap the head off and throw it into your compost instead of the bin, meaning one less piece of plastic ending up in our oceans.

You can get our bamboo toothbrushes in a range of quantities from an individual toothbrush to a family pack including two adult and two kids bamboo toothbrushes, get yours here: https://greenmonkeybamboo.com/products/coming-soon-kids-bamboo-toothbrush


                                    Adult and Kids Bamboo Toothbrushes                                                                                                          

Over time we have gradually introduced several other plastic alternatives to our range that we feel are used a lot on a daily basis and could have such a positive effect if we switched from plastic to a more eco-friendly option. These include bamboo cotton buds, bamboo straws and beeswax food wraps. All our products are plastic free, biodegradable and won’t end up in landfill like their plastic versions. They are much friendlier to the environment and our oceans which make for a more sustainable future.  We also send out all our items in plastic free packaging, because what is the point in selling plastic free products if they’re going to be sent out in plastic right.


Our Green Monkey bamboo cotton buds come in individual boxes of 100 and are packaged in plastic free packaging, If you buy our 500 pack you will also get a handy cotton drawstring tote to store them in. Get yours here now: https://greenmonkeybamboo.com/products/green-monkey-biodegradable-cotton-buds




Our Bamboo straws come in packs of 12 which means you have enough to give out to friends and family and they come with a handy Green Monkey drawstring tote which are perfect for putting your straws in for when out and about. As the whole straw is made from bamboo, this means they are fully biodegradable once you have finished using them, but you will be sure to get a lot of uses out of one straw, not like the plastic straws which you use just once. With your Green Monkey straws you will still be using them months and months later. Get your Green Monkey Bamboo Straws here: https://greenmonkeybamboo.com/products/green-monkey-bamboo-straw




We introduced our beeswax food wraps as we were trying to find an alternative to cling film or sandwich bags for our, and our children’s lunches. We came across these and couldn’t wait to introduce them to our range. We sell them in packs of 4, with 3 different size wraps so they can be used for more than just wrapping your sandwiches. They are made from natural ingredients of 100% natural cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. They are re-usable, washable and most importantly compostable. As with many plastic alternatives, not only are they more sustainable and environmentally friendly, they also save you money as you don’t need to re-buy these items so frequently and they will last for so much longer than the plastic option which on some occasions are only being used once before having to be re-bought. Get your Green Monkey Beeswax wraps here: https://greenmonkeybamboo.com/products/beeswax-food-wrap




Helping people realise the ways in such small and subtle changes can me made will ultimately have a huge impact and its time we all started acting to ditch the plastic. We know that it’s not always possible to eradicate every bit of plastic from our lives but there are changes that can be made and that is what we are hoping to achieve here at Green Monkey.

If you want some more tips about how you can live a more plastic free life and more ideas on reducing the plastic, click here to read our blog, how to live a more plastic free life: https://greenmonkeybamboo.com/blogs/news/heres-some-tips-on-how-to-live-a-more-plastic-free-life


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