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Our Story

Here at Green Monkey we are a small family run business. Three years ago we introduced our beautiful cheeky little lady to the world and it made us see things very differently. It made us realise that we could make a change by just cutting single use plastic items out of our everyday life and so Green Monkey was established.

When People think about ways to help go green, i'm sure they don't think that just from changing very simple but small things like a toothbrush, straw or cotton buds, can make such a big difference, but it really does. Every Year  Billions of plastic is thrown into landfill or the Ocean, but with all our Green Monkey Bamboo products they can be decomposed into the soil. That's one less thing polluting our planet and oceans.

We are constantly trying to find other products to make the switch from plastic and have recently added a few more plastic alternatives, we are especially loving the bamboo straws, a clear favourite with our little lady.

Here at Green Monkey we really do believe that by when you purchase from us  that you really do make a difference. 

So Here's a big thank you from all our team (including our little cheeky girl and of course our Welsh Terrier Bob) x
Green Monkey Bamboo Toothbrush