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What are the bristles made of?

These are made of Dupont nylon bristles and this really disappoints the Green Monkey team.  Nylon Is a form of plastic and it will eventually biodegrade but can take several years which isn’t suitable to be put into the ground or seas.  We really want a product which is 100% biodegradable but at this stage its not possible by any bamboo toothbrush manufacture.Our bristles can be recycled, and we have included a useful blog on this here. We did consider using plant-based bristles but on further research the bristles just are not suited for cleaning teeth.  They are just not strong enough to give you the clean you need and will only last 1-2 weeks and the recommended time to replace your toothbrush is every two months.  


How do i dispose of the bristles on my bamboo toothbrush?

Before your toothbrush heads to the compost you will need to remove the bristles. You can do this by either snapping the head off the toothbrush, or pulling the bristles out of the toothbrush with a pair of pliers. We have found a quick diagonal motion seems to get the bristles out nice and quickly.


Other bamboo toothbrush companies are claiming their bristles are biodegradable?

This is a complete lie and there is no possible way the bristles are not made of nylon.  They are bending the truth to try to persuade you to buy from them which is unethical behaviour and here at Green Monkey, we want to be 100% transparent with you.


Doesn’t cutting Bamboo trees down lead to more environmental impact?

Bamboo is a naturally renewing resource and is super environmentally friendly because it grows super-fast. In fact it grows over a yard per day that's over 3 feet every single day! So there is never any chance of deforestation.


Does Brushing with a Bamboo toothbrush give you the same brush qualities as a normal toothbrush?

Yes of course, the Green Monkey toothbrush is made with a serrated head to give a thorough clean and to tackle the hard to reach spots.  Our products have a medium bristle which means they will not be too harsh on your gums but still strong enough to give a really good clean.  Bamboo is water resistant, meaning it will be very smooth whilst brushing.  We don’t use any chemicals on our products so you know you are safe.  Bamboo has the same great brushing qualities as a plastic toothbrush, but of course has the added benefit of being biodegradable. 


What age range do you recommend the children's toothbrushes from?

We recommend the children's toothbrush is used from 2 years on-wards.


How do I clean my Bamboo Straw?

Our Green Monkey Bamboo Straws come with a handy cleaner so you can get into those hard to reach bits easily and make sure they get a thorough clean. We recommend giving the straws a good clean before their first use by soaking them and cleaning them out with the cleaner provided. They are also dishwasher safe too.

Is Green Monkey packaging biodegradable?

Whats the point of  compostable products if the packaging is still going to go to landfill right? So here at Green Monkey we  would never impact the environment with plastic packaging.  Not one part of our packaging has any plastic in it. 

Want to be a Stockist of Green Monkey Products?

If you want to stock our toothbrushes, please email us at info@greenmonkeybamboo,com for our wholesale prices.